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MB Holiday Gift Guide 2010



Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup sir kensington's gourmet scooping ketchup

The monocled, mustachioed Sir Kensington was knighted for his remarkable achievements in philanthropy, industry, and commerce (notably the creation of Reinsurance). Yet his greatest success is the development of a gourmet ketchup worthy of accessorizing an MB's ground round burgers. One taste of this stuff, especially the spicy version, and he'll wonder how he ever tolerated Heinz. (Note: Consuming Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup may lead to Sir Kensington-style mustache growth.)

$9/jar or $27/4

The Ultimate Super Bowl Book the ultimate super bowl book

If you know an MB who loves football -- and a lot of them do -- we believe this to be the most insightful and enlightening football book ever written, and a must for any NFL/football fan. We're not just saying that because Bob McGinn is America's best football writer and he happens to cover the Packers (for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), or because the trophy has Vince Lombardi's name on it. No, we like it because it's just really good. Email Bob at to get a personalized signed copy.


Stag Horn Bottle Opener stag horn bottle opener

Chances are he's got a lot of stag horns around, but they're all busy hanging on his den's walls. This Scottish stag horn bottle opener is hand-made by an English craftsman using a process unchanged for 250 years.


Jan Craig Headcovers jan craig headcovers

A guy can have a leather bag full of forged blades and a 2 handicap, but he cannot be an MB with logoed polyester monstrosities for headcovers. Hand-knit from wool in Chicago, Jan Craig has been making the world's best-looking headcovers since 1962, and favored by everyone from Jack Nicklaus to Bill Clinton. (If you're not sure what color or size he'd like, get a gift certificate.)

$53 (for a driver)

Cardstock cardstock

Planning is not an MB's strong suit. Nor is shopping retail where greeting cards are sold. Solution: 60 minimally designed, generic cards for almost every occasion (and 4 blanks for other ones). There is a high likelihood of the recipient tucking these away somewhere safe, because it's not the thought, but the MB's handwritten message inside that counts.


Geochron World Clock geochron world clock

Mechanical engineer Jim Kilburg invented the car cigarette lighter, the first automatic dialing telephone, and the automated maraschino cherry pitter. Whatevs. It's all meaningless compared to his invention of the Geochron. Conceived in 1962 and born in 1965, it is a seriously kick-ass, analog device that tells time anywhere in the world as well as displaying where the sun is rising, and when it will set. Hand-made in Portland, Oregon, we cannot overstate how fucking awesome this thing is. The best part: to order you have to fill out a form and mail or fax it.

$1645-$2795 (depending on model)

personal 30ltr cask of 3yr-old single malt whisky

30 liters is roughly 1014 ounces, which at typical consumption rates could almost keep an MB in whisky for a full year.

$1886.76 (shipping to America additional)