A Personal Shopping Service That Won't Cost You the Shirt Off Your Back — In Fact It Will Actually Put One On It!

LKc Style is a fun and convenient personal shopping service that focuses exclusively on menswear. Based on an initial personal consultation, LKc Style will find the right fits, cuts, and colors that work best for you and your lifestyle. They offer initial consultations, wardrobe assessments, personal shopping services, and more, via the web or in person (if you're in the Portland, Oregon area).

Here's a sample of their work product. (PDF)

Their normal rates are $50 per hour, but currently are offering a special introductory deal to Magnificent Bastard readers. Buy three or more hours of their service, and get a complimentary shirt from Read's Clothing Project. Not quite sure how great a deal this is? Here's an infographic to convince you:

Holy shit this is a good deal!

If you'd like to learn more or get started right away, contact LKc Style at 1-888-703-9171 or email laura.knepper@lkcstyle.com