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MB Mistress Holiday Gift Guide 2010



Innercalm In-Fused Chocolate calming chocolate bar

Demanding that you leave your wife? Calm her down with a bar of inner-calming chocolate.


Dean & Deluca Tea proper english tea

British novelist Henry Fielding once said, "Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." She's got the love and scandal covered. Now she just needs some tea.


Glass Jewelry Box glass jewelry box (empty)

We're not saying you're not going to fill it. You might. You might not. Hope springs eternal. Or at least as long as this fling lasts.


Faux Fur Trapper Hat faux fur trapper hat

Keep her on trend, but splurge instead on hotels and blow.


Pearl Rope Necklace pearl rope necklace

These make her look like she's worth a million bucks, when it only cost you $154 (plus shipping). This string of pearls is heavy and sturdy but buy with confidence: it won't hold up as a choking device.


iomoi Personalized Stationary personalized stationery

When she inevitably goes nuclear and writes the letter to your wife, it should be stylish.

$208 for 80