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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Custom Shirt Reviews

We review and rate seven of the top online custom shirtmakers. See who was our favorite and which one is right for you.

The number one downside of online shopping? You don't get to try stuff on before you buy it. Going custom mitigates this factor. If you know how to use a measuring tape, you can, in theory at least, order away without having to wonder if the item in question will fit you better in medium or large. Consequently, the online custom shirt-making business is booming. Which of the many purveyors out there has the greatest selection of options? Which has the easiest ordering process? How fast do they deliver and do their products measure up to their promises? We decided to do some investigative shopping. Here's what we found.

Shirtmaker Price Range Options Delivery
Fabric Collar Cuff Front Back
A Tailored Suit $99-$299 208 11 10 3 3 37 read
Alexander West $105-$200 121 5 5 2 2 34 read
Biased Cut $85 16 3 2 1 1 12 read
Deo Veritas $65-$115 58 6 5 3 3 12 read
indiTailored $90-$135 48 12 7 2 3 24 read
Indochino $79-$99 21 9 8 1 1 14 read
Shirts My Way $75-$175 67 7 7 3 3 24 read




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