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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ask the MB: Should I Just Kill Myself?

Ask the MB: Should I Just Kill Myself?
Q: OK. I'm a toolbag. Overweight. Over 50. So, before I abandon all hope and kill myself to improve the gene pool, are there stylists / personal shoppers / etc. that could take me by the wallet and do a makeover? How would a toolbag know a good one from a charlatan? I don't expect to become a MB, but life's got to be better than the Big Tall and Ugly shop.

A: Richard, you may have lost your fitness and good looks, but at least you've still got your sense of humor. And apparently your wallet is still intact, so things are less dire than you think. Do us a favor: start by hitting the treadmill and eating less, and consider hiring a personal trainer. Then browse through all the channels on this site. If you have questions, drop us another line. We'll happily suggest a few wardrobe choices, and who knows? Project Richard may become this site's next feature.




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