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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Project Runway Odds - Week 3

<em>Project Runway</em> Odds - Week 3
Well we were a little off base last week. Freaky-deaky earth momma Elisa not only survived but thrived, amazingly finishing runner-up. Marion, one of our favorites, got the boot but definitely not for lack of talent, just excessive ambition.

The "choose your partner" segment spoke volumes and reminded us of grade-school gym class when dodgeball teams were picked. Carmen and Sweet P last to be selected; Steven the first. Here's how we see Week 3 shaking out, with odds of elimination tonight and change from last week:

Name Odds Movement Our Take
Project Runway - Victorya Victorya Off up Brilliant Round 2 design confirms her role as contender, in spite of Asian-Americanness.
Project Runway - Rami Rami 50:1 - Did nothing to harm his front-runner position.
Project Runway - Kevin Kevin 50:1 - Partner on Victorya's stunning success. Has chops to be the overall winner.
Project Runway - Steven Steven 40:1 up Picked first in simulated grade-school dodgeball team selection, and for reason.
Project Runway - Kit Kit 30:1 up Architected potentially winning look in Round 2. We like her chances to go deep into competition.
Project Runway - Jillian Jillian 20:1 up Has done nothing special so far, though seems competent.
Project Runway - Chris Chris 20:1 up Nearly crushed sofa next to Sarah Jessica Parker with 350lb. frame, yet demonstrated talent to last a while.
Project Runway - Elisa Elisa 10:1 up Bravo and judges realize the benefit of keeping self-proclaimed alien as part of competition for a few more weeks.
Project Runway - Christian Christian 10:1 down Flirtation with '80s look nearly cost him elimination, deeply shook our confidence.
Project Runway - Carmen Carmen 8:1 up Trying too hard; highly annoying.
Project Runway - Sweet P Sweet P 7:1 up Somehow played second fiddle to the weird-o Elisa. Early ousting forthcoming.
Project Runway - Jack Jack 5:1 - Continues to give us no reason to expect a long stay.
Project Runway - Ricky Ricky 3:1 down Emotional trainwreck and stuck in lingerie design mode. Doomed.



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